• For sustainable slope and snow management

  • Particularly environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable

  • Significantly delays the melting of glaciers and snow

Discover the stuff of sustainable winter dreams

Winter and ski tourism in Europe is particularly hard hit by the effects of climate change. Here, average temperatures during the season have recently increased by around 0.3 % every ten years. Today, experts assume that by 2050 the snow depth at medium altitudes will decrease by around 40 %. Therefore, the existence of numerous winter sports is threatened.

High time to do something about it – and preferably sustainably. Because climate change is also accompanied by a change in awareness: More and more ski tourists are aware of the importance of sustainability. Especially when it comes to sustainable slope and snow management…

The most important applications
from Naue GlacierProtect

Take the chance now and discover the stuff that sustainable winter dreams are made of: Naue GlacierProtect, made of Secutex® Green – an environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable nonwoven from the family-run Naue GmbH & Co. KG, which has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geotextiles for a wide range of applications since it was founded over 50 years ago. This has immediate effect
when applied for glacier protection, snow farming or the protection of lift facilities
– especially effective in sensitive areas such as at the entrance and exit as well as at the lift masts, in order to secure the foundations that are often founded in the ice.

All your sustainable advantages
at a glance

Snowfarming environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable
Particularly environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable

No input of plastics into the environment due to purely natural raw materials

Certified biodegradability of abrasion or residues

Complete conversion to biomass,CO2 and water

Very good UV resistance and high UV reflectance values

Naturally stable against UV radiation

Reflects 80% light and 75% energy

Reliably reduces defrosting

Robust thermal protection for glacier protection and snow farming
Robust thermal protection

Excellent for use in mountainous regions

Thick material with basis weight of 500 g/m2

Robust and heat resistant

Solution for protection of glaciers with rough and breathable surface
Rough, breathable surface

Rough structure prevents the formation of new snow avalanches

Less wind suction due to air permeability

Supports water draining effect

Long functional life

As a rule, product-specific functions are maintained for several years

Particularly long-lived due to low biological activity in mountain regions

Depending on the pollution optimal for repeated use

Quick and simple solution for the protection of glaciers
Easy sewing directly on site

Uncomplicated handling during installation, operation and dismantling

Force-fit connection with handy sewing machines on site

Sewing thread used also 100% biodegradable

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The sustainable solution for protecting glaciers, snowfields and ski facilities

Officially certified according to
highest standards

Guaranteed compliant with Euronorm 13432 (composting and biodegradation).

Guaranteed biodegradable in the garden compost.

Guaranteed biodegradable in industrial composting plants.

Guaranteed biodegradable in a natural freshwater environment.

Guaranteed biodegradable in a natural seawater environment.

Guaranteed biodegradable in natural soils.


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Naue GlacierProtect

Naue GlacierProtect

made of Secutex® Green

Let us advise you of our geotechnical solution and the sustainable advantages of Naue GlacierProtect, made of Secutex® Green.

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